Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Jay Gilmer Esq. is a family man and attorney activist with a passion for helping others. Mr. Gilmer has been involved in various nonprofit organizations that are faith based including but not limited to Faith Works and The Goal Project.

He believes that his faith has been a solid and withstanding pillar on which his many accomplishments have been built. Among those many accomplishments, Mr. Gilmer has most recently obtained a position with The City of Pittsburgh, Pa Initiative to Reduce Crime, also known as (PIRC). Although he doesn’t wear a t-shirt that says “Ask me for advice: I have a heart for helping others,” Jay Gilmer believes that the knowledge he has gained throughout his career and lives are invaluable resources that can be passed on to others.

Jay Gilmer Esq. believes that all the answers you seek in life can be found in the works, and knowledge of others. “Seek and you may find” is an appropriate philosophy that Mr. Gilmer applies to the work he does. Mr. Gilmer invests his time and his life’s work into helping to improve the lives of others through providing education and options to persons whom would have never discovered these resources otherwise.

Ultimately Mr. Gilmer believes that through educating others, he can assist them in achieving their goals. Mr. Gilmer encourages people to ask questions and seek solutions to problems that may impede their aspirations and goals. He takes pride in being an African American attorney because of the example that he sets for the children growing up in some of the urban communities of Pittsburgh, who may not see very many African Americans become attorneys. Mr. Gilmer believes it is also important for him to lead by example. He attributes his accomplishments and current position in life to God.

Mr. Gilmer expresses an enthusiasm to be involved with faith based initiatives because of the moral and common interests that everyone expresses within the organizations for which he is involved. Mr. Gilmer sees the Goal project as a growing and meaningful organization that over the next 10 years will expand and be more capable of reaching more places in the world through our message of recovery hope and learning.

Mr. Gilmer has much admiration for the works and contributions of Goal founder, Terry Webb. With her vision and dedication, Mr. Gilmer believes that Goal has grown and still continues to thrive through her efforts and belief in education and recovery. Mr. Gilmer encourages and is excited about the direction that GOAL is headed. He states that it is important for us to continue to do addition learning and leadership training in Africa because we can go where the governments cannot. Mr. Gilmer stated, “The government cannot love you, but we can” Mr. Gilmer is a attribute not only to the GOAL Project but to those he helps in the local communities as well the world through the Addiction Learning and Leadership work we do.

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