Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A founding member of the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC) Dr. Terry Webb is also one of the founders of GOAL Project. She has not only served on the ISAAC Council of Advisors but also travels to Egypt once a year to teach in their six week English speaking addiction training school called ISAACS. The training school now headed by Dr. Nanis William, is located at the Freedom Center, a drug treatment facility at Wadi Natrun. Dr. Ehab Elkharrat, who now serves as an advisor to GOAL, founded the school along with starting numerous addiction rehabilitation centers in Egypt.

Most of the applicants for the ISAACS cannot afford to pay the full fee or cost of travel, board and lodging and need scholarship aide that Dr. Elkharrat raises internationally. Students selected for this specialized training come from countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Dr. Elkharrat invites professional addiction trainers willing to donate their time and travel to come to Egypt. They are provided free room and board and are lodged at the rehab center with the students* in this desert location so that ISAACS students and their instructors can interact with recovering Egyptian addicts and their family members undergoing treatment at the Center. Upon completion of the core curriculum requirements, ISAACS students return to their countries to start vital prevention and treatment programs. With a certificate of accreditation from the Florida-based NET Institute who then can proceed to apply for US-based addiction certification.; Claudia Varga of the GOAL St. Dimitri Affliate Project and Margaret Oketch of the GOAL SARAH Network Project are both graduates of ISAACS.

When she goes to Egypt, Dr. Webb teaches on 12-step Recovery, Addiction Prevention, Codependence in Family Systems issues, Post-Traumatic Stress, Intervention, and Genograms. This year ISAACS students hailed from Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, and Egypt. Not only did they acquire knowledge about Codependence, the Intervention process, Post Traumatic Stress and Addiction, each student prepared and presented a personal Genogram and participated in 12-step Recovery Support groups as well as various group therapies effective in treating addicts.

The Freedom Program in Egypt now rehabilitates thousands of Heroin, Alcohol and other drug addicts each year and Narcotics Anonymous groups have mushroomed to sustain recovery. GOAL is privileged to be in a collaborative partnership with ISAACS.

*GOAL is in the process of inviting qualified addiction specialists to train in economically disadvantaged areas in the USA.

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